Dove Medicine

Since the beginning of 2022, and even prior to the new year, the most prominent and abundant Animal Medicine by far is most certainly descending from our aviary friends above. Which on a collective energetic level makes a lot of sense given the trajectory of this year as well as the rapid uproar of ascension. One of the air angels that has reigned supreme this entire year but, is shining especially bright through today’s New Moon in Virgo, is none other than the lovey dove.

Dove Medicine is the embodiment of feminine energies of peace, maternity, as well as distinct prophecy. Their cycles of power run primarily through dusk and dawn however, their magic is not limited to these parameters. This divine being represents a cultural wealth of lore and legend, especially when it comes to mother symbols and femininity in mythology. In Greek tradition, Aphrodite was born from an egg brooded by a dove, to the Christians doves represent peace, and there are many other references of this soaring symbol throughout the ages. The Pueblo Indians often wore their feathers and used them as prayer sticks. Dove Medicine is very closely connected to water, which makes sense because water is the element of the sacral chakra which is where the epitome of Divine Feminine maternal energies awaken.

The song of the dove is meant to be mournful, to stir the emotions of all who hear it so they may move through the waves that exist within. The sight of a dove brings feelings of promise and hope to all those who are adorned with this totem. The dove is also a ground feeder, which reminds us to keep close contact with Mother Earth and her infinite creative possibilities of the feminine energies. Dove medicine also holds a strong connection to the stomach and digestion. Their diet mostly consists of seeds however, sometimes they will eat stones in order to aid their digestion. This reminds those with the dove as their totem to eat bulk in order to aid their own digestive and creative processes. The brood of the dove consists of two eggs and two is a traditional number for the feminine and creative energies since the sacral is the second chakra. The number two in Numerology also represents power and grace which coincides with its divinely feminine nature.

The dove’s song is its most distinctive characteristic. The voice of the dove is the rain song; out of the mourning, this song bird invokes new waters of life. Although the dove’s song can be heard throughout the entirety of the day, it is most distinct at dusk and dawn. These are the “between times,” or if you are familiar with my most recent blog post, “the gaps.” These are the times where the veil is especially thin between the physical and spiritual realms, which expands upon the magic of possibility. The dove helps us work with these spaces in between by illuminating the power of creation and the creative processes active within our own lives.

Dove Medicine reminds us that no matter what life presents us with, the possibility of new waters to swim in are always around. Earth is a female planet that reminds us of the constant happening and possibilities of creation and new birth available to all of us. The song of this aviary totem encourages us to mourn what has passed, but awaken to the promise of the future. The dove is a bird of prophecy who helps us to see all of the infinite possibilities awaiting us to birth within our own lives. 

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