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What is a Saturn Return?

So, we’ve all heard of the terrible twos, right?  But, what about the tumultuous twenties?  There is this modern day stigma surrounding people in their twenties and it primarily speaks to the vast external observance of disorderly conduct played out during this period of time. Granted, making generalizations leaves one in the middle of a … Continue reading

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Dove Medicine

Since the beginning of 2022, and even prior to the new year, the most prominent and abundant Animal Medicine by far is most certainly descending from our aviary friends above. Which on a collective energetic level makes a lot of sense given the trajectory of this year as well as the rapid uproar of ascension. … Continue reading

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The Gaps

Good evening my Cosmic comrades, it’s been quite some time since we last connected. I can sit here and offer you an explanation pertaining to my whereabouts however, the likings of this blog post may evoke something greater than any recollection could provide. More specifically, what I’m referencing are “the gaps,” or spaces in between … Continue reading

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New Moon in Gemini 2022

So, here I am at approximately 1:24am EST writing this blog post because Mama Moon has some beautiful magic to share with us. Plus, how entirely selfish would it be of myself to NOT share these lunar delights with each and every one of you. This most certainly could have waited until a “normal” time … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gemini Season 2022

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The best time of year, the greatest season of them all; Gemini Season! If you’re new here first off, thank you for being here and secondly, can you tell that my Sun sign is Gemini or no? Let’s be real though, there’s so much fun in hyping yourself … Continue reading


Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

I know you may be asking yourself, “Why is GiGi writing about things that have already happened?” Well my Cosmic comrades, I’m so glad you asked! While I do believe there is great benefit in receiving information prior to an astrological event in order to help navigate your energy through said time. There is also … Continue reading

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So, I know that my good ole pal Mercury is usually the one carrying the bad rep when it comes to retrograde phases, but I’m seriously wondering how this came to be. Yes, I am aware just like the rest of the world how outrageously frustrating these times are but, I am here to share … Continue reading

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Goose Medicine

In Animal Medicine, the Goose represents a very distinctive call of the quest of travels to legendary places in life, hence one of the reasons their sound resembling a honk is so recognizably unique. This call of the geese is never mistaken with any other animal, one of the more intertwined meanings connected to this … Continue reading

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Duck Medicine

So, in an effort not to forward with too much cliché verbiage, have you been in your feels lately? When I say lately, I mean the past like almost twenty years?! Yeah, I am over Mama Moon with joy that the duck is showing up for the collective in the form of Animal Medicine right … Continue reading

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Animal Medicine

While many may experience certain emotional states of fear when it comes to nondomestic animals, it is my highly valued opinion that all animals are angels here on Earth. Now, when it comes to Animal Medicine, one may find themselves questioning just what exactly is meant by this phrase. The thought of ingesting the actual … Continue reading

shadow phases and dark energy reiki attunement san francisco california

All You Need To Know About Eclipse Season

So, many of us may be hearing all this hype about Eclipse Season approaching. While some may be hearing, the mass majority of us are definitely feeling all of the intense energetic shifts that are associated with this extremely transformative and catalytic time in our lives. However, none of that means anything to us unless … Continue reading