Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

I know you may be asking yourself, “Why is GiGi writing about things that have already happened?” Well my Cosmic comrades, I’m so glad you asked! While I do believe there is great benefit in receiving information prior to an astrological event in order to help navigate your energy through said time. There is also a great benefit in observing how exactly your specific energy responds to whatever is occurring in the Cosmos without any external influences potentially swaying you in a certain direction. Now, you may also be saying to yourself, “Doesn’t that completely discredit everything you’re doing here?” So many internal conversations and questions and I’m absolutely here for all of them. To answer your question, probably but, I have a feeling that you will still keep reading anyways because let’s face it, if that was true then you wouldn’t even be here in the first place. Cue chorus and mystical music to represent Divine Timing. Besides, we know from Julius Robert Mayer’s Law of Conservation of Energy that energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred. Meaning, that just because the moon is not longer full and eclipsing in the water sign of Scorpio does not automatically translate to being completely rid of the feelings and effects of this intense lunar event.

Any who, now that I’ve really captured your attention, let’s talk about the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that took place on early Monday morning, May 16th, at approximately 4:13am EST. Now for those of us who are highly sensitive to Mama Moon, so basically all women and most men, pretty much all humans period whether you are aware of this or not. When it comes to both new and full moons, many of us may begin to feel the effects as early as a week prior to the actual lunar event and will continue feeling this lingering energy for even a week or so after. We already discussed above that energy can not be created or destroyed so, when it comes to the affects of Mama Moon, they don’t just up and disappear. What happens is as she moves through each phase and corresponding sign of the zodiac, she transforms this energy one for the collective but, two for each individual depending on the happenings found in everyone’s natal birth chart. So, if you are still feeling a little moon crazed today, then you are right on target and exploring your birth chart a little deeper may give you some insight into exactly why and what the the Universe is attempting to share with you. For everyone wondering, since this full moon and lunar eclipse occurred in the fixed sign of Scorpio, you want to pay attention to not only where Scorpio shows up in your chart but, even if you don’t see any placements in this sign you still have a house or houses that the scorpion rules over.

Now, if you’ve been following along from the beginning here, then you know I’ve expressed to the point of nausea how intense this year is along with it’s coinciding astrological aspects. This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is no different and for most it was the pinnacle of this heavily charged and ground breaking energy. Unless you’re someone like me who is a Scorpio Rising with Pluto in Scorpio; what everyone else was feeling for a few days is literally what I feel on a daily basis. Let’s not get off track though, there is a significant reason for the core shaking intensity that this lunar event brought into our lives. Although it may not have felt good for a few days, there is a reason many of us are being shook to our core. This moon along with most of the other planetary placements currently happening in the Cosmos are designed to break us from the chains of the past. I’ve used this analogy before but, think about when you first start working out, it feels absolutely horrible. You are breaking down muscles that will then repair so that when they are broken down again, yes you may feel sore, but not as bad as those first few workouts. Since everything falls under the category of energetics, the same goes for the Cosmos attempting to break down old patterns, habits, behaviors, etc. within us in order to rebuild new ones.

Think about the image I included above for this post of a little girl preparing to release her balloons up to Mama Moon. This is the perfect representation of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio because she is asking us to release all of the “balloons” we’ve been holding onto since childhood. This moon and the perpetuating energy that will carry us into the second Eclipse Season in November of this year over the next six months is exactly what we all need in order to activate this divine release. For many of us, such as my almost thirty two year old self, this includes decades of “shit” along with past lifetimes of Karma that we have learned from and are ready to surrender. I use the word “ready” very loosely because I don’t believe that one can ever truly feel ready but, mainly supported by the Cosmos and Universe whispering to us, “It’s ok.” This statement alone carries over to a huge intuitive theme shining through this moon for the collective: safety. Not only is this a huge theme in the form of energetics, it’s something being heavily discussed in the current media. For many of us, we did not begin this life feeling safe and secure whether this had to do with family dynamics, environment, etc. So, as we progressed in life, the INNER-CHILD that exists within all of us has carried that heaviness and feelings of lack despite how life may have drastically shifted on the surface. We know from my previous post about Mercury Rx that the Universe is BEGGING us to dig deeper and break through everything that appears to us on the surface. This moon had many of us feeling so uneasy because for most, the lives we live do a great job of suppressing these primary feelings and just going through the motions of our day to day lives.

Well that has all come to an end because whether we like it or not, NOW is the time to shift this INNER-PERSPECTIVE. Now is the time to remind ourselves that what happened to us as children was out of our control but, as adults we possess the eternal power to provide for our INNER-CHILD and INNER-TEENAGER, who has been raging lately, and every internal version of ourselves from the past and moving forward. No longer are the days where we feel crippled by anxiety and shame and lack and every other feeling connected to that little girl or boy who just didn’t receive what they needed at a young age. Mama Moon is lighting the way and holding our hands as she whispers to us, “It’s ok my child, it’s ok to let go.” This is the spark of change that for most of us had us crawling out of our skin two weekends ago. Remember, in order to evoke change, we must take a walk outside of our comfort zones because we know both consciously and unconsciously that NOTHING will ever grow or change within these spaces. So, of course it’s going to feel horrible because these feelings are so drastically different from anything we’ve EVER felt before! Just like intensity, this is not bad just different and eventually those different feelings, like working out everyday, will birth huge and significant change over an extended span of time through committing ourselves to a new lifestyle.

One of the most significant differences between the Eclipse Seasons this year compared to some of the past lies within the powerful transformative period over the next six months. From the first round of eclipses to the next around November 2022, this period of time possesses the heightened power to catapult many of us through a transformative growth process equivalent to that of what would normally occur over a span of five years. Which is not something that is meant to scare or intimidate us but, a beautiful gift from the Universe in the form of life changing personal success. Which is not at all saying that this time will be easy. Not to burst your bubble, but if you haven’t already received the news flash, the best things in life typically don’t stand beside ease. Everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING stems from within. We are our greatest project and creation that will ever birth in this life and when harnessed properly, we truly do possess the power to move mountains. No, not literally, I don’t personally know of anyone strong enough to adjust Kilimanjaro but, the mountains that we’ve been attempting to climb within for years. It’s not that these mountains will just disappear but, like the true alchemist that we all are, through the process of sitting witness to ourselves and committing to our INNER-WORK. We all possess the ability to transform our trauma as well as the happenings of the past into something so profoundly spectacular and great. Think of it like your science project from third grade except, now you don’t need any parental supervision to build that model rocket or exploding volcano. You are your eternal parent and you not only possess the abilities required in order to build said rocket on your own, you can now hop on and catapult yourself to any place you want to go in this life.

From the moment you opened your eyes and first gazed upon this world in this life, time has been unfolding for you. This is a very hard concept to understand at times because one, time is a construct of man and two, things don’t always feel like they are happening FOR us. This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio occurred in a water sign for a divine reason. It takes a force as great as water driven by the power of Mama Moon in order to wash away all the dirt of the past. To cleanse and renew us so that we may step fully into the power of our true Spirit and charge forward with the tenacity for change and a deep hunger for fulfilling our wildest desires and dreams. 

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