Welcome to Gemini Season 2022

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The best time of year, the greatest season of them all; Gemini Season! If you’re new here first off, thank you for being here and secondly, can you tell that my Sun sign is Gemini or no? Let’s be real though, there’s so much fun in hyping yourself up so, on this platform, we encourage all the self hype because that is the energy we all need in our lives right now. Also, it is very Gemini-esque to make an announcement such as above so, when you’ve lived your entire life relishing in this energy, it makes sense to want to share this with others. Since our Sun sign shines a light on everything connected to this particular placement for us in Astrology, I am definitely your go to Gemini aficionado for all the insight and goods this season.

Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, so if you have a Gemini in your life, chances are they love to talk and will literally spark up conversation with just about anyone. Note that when people ask you “your sign,’ they are generally referring to your Sun sign because Western Astrology which is the most common type of Astrology studied here in the Western World, go figure, is centered around the Sun. Also note that if you are a Gemini Sun and you actually happen to be quite shy and don’t spark up conversation with anyone with a pulse, chances are the other placements found within your birth chart will help reveal a little more insight into this for yourself. Any who, as the introducers of the element of air, Geminis are very well versed in the happenings of the ether. Not only do we enjoy communication in the form of speaking with others, since we are ruled by good ole Mercury, many of us tend to experience other forms of communication such as clairvoyance. Actually, I believe that we are all empathic and sensitive beings who possess great psychic and clairvoyant abilities but, that’s a discussion for an entirely seperate post.

While the saying, “opposites attract,” definitely holds some major truth in the realm of Astrology, the phrase, “like attracts like,” also holds firm. For instance, it makes sense that most Geminis and Leos get along with each other, again this may not be true for you, because Leo is the epitome of the childlike nature that we all possess and Gemini gives us a little taste of this wonder as well. Think about yourself as a child, if you were like me, then you basically lived in the realm of imagination and typically had your head in the clouds. More specifically, this has a lot to do with my Sun in Gemini placement because this first air sign of the zodiac is all about bringing us closer to the realm of imagination where most children explore within themselves everyday. Since the Sun also rules Leo, the second fire sign brining in that spark of childlike flame, it makes sense to say that when the Sun enters any sign it will shine a light on the areas of play connected to that particular zodiac. Gemini is all about exploration and wander especially of the mind and through their voice, hence being ruled by our favorite gabbing guy Merc.

Taurus Season taught us a lot about money. How to be a little more refined and responsible with our money, how to cut back in the form of unnecessary money leaks, etc. Well, Gemini Season is here to shower us in the abundance but, that isn’t to say without doing the INNER-WORK or finding a true balance with work and play. We live in a world that has convinced us that in order to make more we need to do more. While it is absolutely necessary for us to take action in order to align with the fruits of our labor, I am not on board with this very tired social construct. Gemini, represented by the Divine Twins of the Cosmos, is all about duality. Aries brought in that spark of fire as the first sign and fire sign of the zodiac along with also being the first masculine sign. Taurus slowed us down through grounding and softness as the first Earth sign and first feminine sign of the zodiac. Then there’s good ole Gemini who may be masculine by nature of default but, graciously steps in to help us round out the duality and polarity of these two dynamic energetic forces of both masculine and feminine. So, yes, we do need to “work,” but I promise you that the work that deserves your utmost attention and highest priority is the shadow work that you may still be ignoring. On the other hand, if you’ve been playing a little too much, Gemini Season is absolutely here for it but, it may also show you where balancing this play with some focused work will result in your true benefit. I for one need to pause and laugh for a moment because I cannot even believe that I just typed the word “focus” in relation to anything Gemini. Especially considering the fact that I’ve literally been writing this blog for almost three hours and it typically takes me just under one.

With that being said, there are many ways that we can harness all of this magical air energy through Gemini Season for our highest good. One is to take a look at our own personal connection to communication. Since we now know that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, we can learn a lot from the greatest communicator of the zodiac. Not only in the form of words spoken, but even in the written form since Merc also reigns over subjects like technology; note that we are still in the second Mercury Rx of this year and if you’re looking for a little more insight, reference my post dedicated to this beautiful chaos. Another way that Gemini Season may help us is to reignite the social flame within. Now this may not translate over for some of you who are caught up in the hype of the media or still in hibernation mode after the past two years. However, if you notice yourself feeling called to go out and connect with others, you can thank the Divine Twins for this social push. Finally, one of the greatest aspects that Gemini Season may bring into our lives is the ability to see through the clouds of life. Think of Gemini Season as a bird, which is so on point when it comes to Animal Medicine and there will be many posts follow. As a divine flying creature, Gemini Season also connects us to the fact that Gemini is indeed the first air sign of the zodiac and rules over the clouds. This season possesses the ability to offer us a higher perspective on life. Let’s face it, we know how intense this year has already been and many of us are looking for something to help shift us out of this perpetuating funk. While I am here to happily reflect and reiterate, Scorpio Rising all the way, that the true savior you are seeking exists within. Gemini Season may also allow you to peer through these clouds of life by taking the higher route overhead. This allows us to see what exactly it is that we need to do for ourselves in order to open the curtains and let the rays of sunshine radiate through. If you’ve been doing the work and still are looking up at the sky like, “what the fuck?!” Gemini Season may be that pivotal moment for you.

The intuitive messages coming through for the collective about Gemini Season are so heart warming and bright. The month of June brings some magical clearance that many of us have been asking for so, keep your gaze strong and your hearts open. Once our dear pal Mercury stations direct on June 3rd, we have about two weeks of post shadow phase bringing us to June 18th and pretty much the end of Gemini Season on June 21st. My point in sharing all of this with you is, “carpe momentum,” cease the moment NOW! Resist the urge of falling back or waiting for this huge climactic moment to bring you to whatever it is that you desire in your life. Major news flash, YOU are the “AH-HA” moment! You are the creator of your reality which definitely does not depend on a season or any other astrological event: period. However, when aligned with and properly harnessing the magic presented to us by the Cosmos, we all possess the eternal ability to vibrate with the highest frequencies available to us in this life. 

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