So, I know that my good ole pal Mercury is usually the one carrying the bad rep when it comes to retrograde phases, but I’m seriously wondering how this came to be. Yes, I am aware just like the rest of the world how outrageously frustrating these times are but, I am here to share with you the powerful magic that also exists within these slower pockets of time. Also, did you know that all of the planets, not just Mercury, move through retrograde phases? Seeing as how I was born with four planets as well as my North Node in retrograde, I feel innately called to share with you all the specialness behind these heavily misunderstood periods as well as hopefully shed a bright light on some of the popular yet inherently untrue and misleading fear behind living our lives while any planet begins to slow down. This post contains everything you need to know about retrogrades alongside a surge of empowerment in regards to harnessing this cosmic alchemy for your highest good and self.

In short, when a planet is gearing up for retrograde, it enters a pre-shadow phase which then allows it to progressively reach a slower rotational speed; reference previous post on Shadow Phases for more of this goodness. Any who, from our perspective here on Earth, it seems as though the planet entering retrograde is moving backwards. For extra clarity because we just so happen to currently be in the second Mercury Retrograde of 2022, post to follow, a planet in retrograde is not moving backwards. It is in fact, once again, moving at a much slower rotational speed than its usual pace. Now, I don’t know about you but, when I first learned about retrogrades I just remember thinking “WHY?!” Which makes a lot of sense given my masculine, Gemini nature as well as how I was conditioned to think more is better alongside consistently living my life at this time in an “on the go, always moving,” type of way. I did not want to slow down because I equated slowness with not being as productive and productivity as the sole path to success.

However, here’s the why; because sometimes in order for us to receive the message, learn the lesson, etc. we must take a step outside of the norm. Have you ever heard someone say that you can’t heal in the same environment that hurt you? Well, while I don’t believe in telling anyone that they can’t do something, this is a very similar concept. Since Mercury is always the one receiving the hype and backlash for these trying times, let us employ him as an example. Which by the way, as the planet of communication, Mercury thrives on and loves nothing more than to be talked about the most, even if it’s not in the best light. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Any who, since Mercury is the planet of communication it also rules technology and in these modern times extends over into subjects such as transportation, day to day schedules, and a plethora of other more specific areas of our lives. So, when a planet such as Mercury enters retrograde, meaning it is moving much slower than usual, it makes sense to say and acknowledge that everything this planet represents may begin to go a bit haywire. We are not working with a harmonious and synchronistic energy during retrograde phases, we are experiencing the intense and chaotic aspects of the Cosmos reflected here in the physical realm; which may come as a shock to many of us but, intensity and chaos does not necessarily deem these times as bad.

Subjects such as astrology, spirituality, and energy work have become quite popular among the masses via social media along this Grand Awakening we are all experiencing and I for one am entirely here for it. However, there are some red flags, if you will, that I’ve observed in the absence of as much judgement as humanly possible on my or anyone else’s end. Retrogrades happen to be one of those buzz words floating around right now and the observation I’ve come across is that this buzz may be misleading you when it comes to how magical these times hold the power to be for you along your healing journey and spiritual path. First off, while I am a huge advocate for receiving guidance and help along the way hence my career path and what I feel called to do in this life, there is none on any platform that deserves the power to tell you what to do above yourself. There is a huge difference between reflection and divine guidance that others may offer you along your path and allowing someone else to tell you what is right and wrong. In the essence of honoring softness, NEWS FLASH, there is NONE outside of you who can ever tell you that something you feel is wrong.

Take for instance, signing contracts, since we are on the subject of retrogrades. It’s totally ok for you to sign a contract during a Mercury Retrograde or encounter a new lover a potential partner during a Venus Retrograde. The true message to receive here is to honor yourself amidst the three “R’s”; reevaluate, revisit, reassess. So, it’s not that you can’t sign a contract during a Mercury Retrograde but, you may just need to comb through and read said contract three or four times instead of the usual one or two. Since we have already established that a planet is moving slower during a retrograde phase, this means that aligning with the energy of the Cosmos and taking a step back may be in our best interest. Think of it this way; instead of us being the main character of the play, we are being invited to enjoy the performance from the audience. Notice I said invited and I use that term very loosely because it definitely does not always seem or feel like an invitation. Then again, maybe it’s just that some of us are either consciously or unconsciously choosing to see it this way: perspective. Any who, while it is so awesome to be the main character, I’m a Scorpio Rising so I get it, think about how much work it takes and how exhausting it can be to never have the opportunity to rest and recharge for your role. As an audience member, we may not always get the comfiest seat in the house but, remember that retrogrades are setting us up to potentially make significant changes. Since change is the essence of growth and nothing every grows in our comfort zone, it makes sense to see why we aren’t propped up in the super deluxe lazy boy and instead trying to balance on the old stool in our grandmother’s kitchen.

At this point, you may still be asking yourself, “what can I do during this time?” I know some of you may have had it already with my cheesy cliches or regard to you holding all the answers within but, hear me out; STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Life these days for many of us is moving so extremely fast. One could say that it’s the essence of the times however, one could also say that your perception and approach to life absolutely shapes your reality. None the less, when a planet is in retrograde, it is literally handing us an invitation to slow down. Many of us have such a hard time with this, myself included but, believe me when I say that it is such a divine blessing to surrender to rest and observation instead of fighting an uphill battle for constant expansive action. Think about the analogy of the arrow; in order for an arrow to shoot forward, but must first be pulled back with great force. A great example that honors the balance as well as validity between both periods of expansion as well as contraction but, that’s a subject to dive deeper into at another time. Let alone the fact that you can resist and fight all you want but, the Universe will ALWAYS find a way to make balance and sometimes that comes with a forceful hand. Despite what our society may have conditioned us all to believe, it is not only acceptable to slow down, it is an absolute necessity for our overall wellbeing.

Finally, one of the greatest gifts for us all to receive not only as a collective but, also on individuals levels during periods of retrograde is the endless reward of clarity. Since retrogrades dip us into the slower depths of the times, this allows us all to explore different perspectives, which may hold the keys to whatever it is we are currently searching or asking for in our present lives. If you find yourself getting caught up in the hype or fearing these retrograde phases, then I encourage you to remind yourself of the centering thought and belief that everything stems from the seed of intention that you plant within. If you step forward into the energy of fear then that energy will carry over into everything that you do and follow you around like a dark cloud. Respectively, when we approach everything from the power of perspective and open up even further to the radiance of a perpetuating positive perspective, then we know deep down in our hearts that we are always being divinely supported through every phase of this life and can completely bask in the infinite rays of sunshine. 

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