New Moon in Gemini 2022

So, here I am at approximately 1:24am EST writing this blog post because Mama Moon has some beautiful magic to share with us. Plus, how entirely selfish would it be of myself to NOT share these lunar delights with each and every one of you. This most certainly could have waited until a “normal” time of day but, we really don’t know what that word means here on this platform. Any who, I would like to formally welcome you to your new timelines via the New Moon in Gemini, which is here to give us the run down on these new lives we are all simultaneously embarking on together.

Many of you may have found yourselves literally questioning everything and anything these past few days and hell, probably the last couple of years. I’ll do my best not to get too vague on you all and hone in on the specifics here although true to Gemini nature, it’s in my blood to veer off on tangents from time to time. Most of you are use to this by now but, for the new ones, I’ll give it the old college try. Now, back to questioning everything in existence, I even found myself thinking about possibly going back to bartending or something in the service industry in order to make a few bucks for the fam right now. Which after twelve years, I literally served my last table in June of 2017 and not just closed but, locked that door with the internal guidance to keep moving forward in new directions and to NEVER look back. So, then this reminder literally hit me again like a ton of bricks; we are NOT going backwards here! These lingering feelings of lack or anything connected to old money stories are the residual energy of the past bubbling up to the surface in order for the New Moon in Gemini to help us fully release once and for all. In the most cliché, but entirely true form, new moons are all about new beginnings. They link us to many cycles however, more specifically they are connected to a 28 day cycle from the previous new moon, in this case the New Moon in Taurus that occurred earlier this month. Which is definitely something to point out because not only is there a plethora of magic available to us in this current new moon, when two new moons exist in the same month, that power is amplified creating the perfect climate for change and heightened transformation.

Something you all may be overjoyed to hear is that this new moon officially marks the end of the first Eclipse Season of 2022. We may now all take a collective deep breath knowing that astrologically we all may begin to feel some slight clearance from all the eclipse energetic intensity. The New Moon in Gemini is the most uncanny new moon of them all, with familiar scents of an old friend without all the heavy baggage of the past. This is the timeline shift many of us have been prepping for months now and it feels as though the weight of everything that has been surfacing from the past has almost just vanished into thin air. Makes perfect sense that Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac and this magical moon just so happens to be occurring in this ethereal sign. I found myself earlier this evening taking a stroll down memory lane, glancing at photos, engaging with videos, and just in awe of all that has become of the last ten or so years. Reminiscing on the past is not something entirely out of the ordinary for me because I love to be reminded of good ole times. However, this time was entirely different because it’s as though I was saying a final goodbye to a very dear friend: myself. The funny thing is that this was not a sad goodbye at all but, one full of gratitude and grace. I’ve been in the position like many of us time and time before where reminiscing on the past did in fact lead me down a road to sadness. A windy road of longing for things that were and ultimately torturing myself about the fact that what was could never be again. I say this in full confidence, this time there is a joyous absence of longing and my heart is so completely full of everything that was alongside everything not only existing but, blossoming right now in the present moment.

For many of us we’ve been feeling this energetic build of shifts and changes ever since the pandemic started in early March of 2020. Fast forward a little bit bringing us to Fall of 2021 and the energy surrounding the collective in regards to change really began to amp up fast. I cannot speak for anyone except myself but, I for one did not even know who I was anymore. Aside from birthing a beautiful light being and becoming a mother, I found myself questioning everything about myself. Which was really throwing me through a loop because for the past couple of years I felt as though I had really begun to grasp myself in ways I never had before. It’s almost as if the Universe had me experience every past version in order to fully remind myself of who I am now and where I’m going in this life. The reason I’m having you take a stroll down memory lane with me here is to highlight the greatest aspect shining through this new moon; the beautiful constant of change. Permanence is such an illusion somehow crafted by the human mind which is a bowl of fuckery in itself because it is the human that can never fully grasp permanence in this life by nature. How wonderful the thought of possessing the ability to change into whoever or whatever it is that we desire most right here in this very moment. We can literally wake up tomorrow, technically today, and declare an entirely different life for ourselves. For many of you who are sleeping, that may very well be what you feel and do upon waking under this expanding New Moon in Gemini energy.

The season of Spring represents birth and regrowth, we can literally see it all around us. From the little ducklings swimming alongside their mama, to the vast variety of flowers and plants alike blooming all around. Something you may or may not have been aware of since March 21st, AKA the mark of Spring, is that this whole time you’ve been growing and preparing to birth your greatest version of yourself to date. This is what the New Moon in Gemini represents, think of it as the birth announcement for your new self and you can literally say anything and make it true by backing it up with your new life and corresponding actions. There is a reason that Gemini Season is the mergence between two seasons; Spring and Summer. This new moon is allowing us to bring life to who we are now and moving forward so as Summer steps in with the heat, we can all use this heat to expand in all the different ways. Now, I seem to be riding the high of Mama Moon’s energy here because I’m talking about all the wonderful aspects of these pivotal self transformations sprouting. However, this may not be a “good thing” for everyone experiencing these transformative times and all of the corresponding life changes. On so many deeper levels not only for everyone as individuals but, for the entire collective of humanity, this is in fact very, very good. But, many may feel that longing or even scared to completely surrender everything that no longer serves them by stepping into these new versions of self. The Ego creates an attachment to these old versions of self and therefore identifies with almost everyone and everything in this life so, it makes sense to say that there may be a great deal of fear surfacing for some of us. Plus, we know all of these past versions of self so well so, holding onto them will suppress the general fears associated with the unknown. I will always be as authentic and transparent as humanly possible here on this platform with you all as my dedicated audience of readers so, I want you to know that I myself have certainly resisted my fair share of change in this life. Even the last 6-9 months have felt like a rollercoaster of old, new, and insane emotions and usually I love amusement park rides but, I definitely found myself at times screaming to make it all stop.

Just because the awareness surrounding shadow work has significantly risen over the past few years does not make it any easier on those of us who are constantly committing and recommitting ourselves to this INNER-WORK. I would like to say that it gets easier, and by it I mean life, but I would not feel good about lying to you all. For many of us, this New Moon in Gemini swooping in with all the big self change is what we’ve been asking and praying for this whole time. On the other hand, if you are someone who still finds yourself gripping onto the old, outgrown, and out of style versions of yourself from that past then consider this before you sink your nails in any deeper. You can absolutely find success in holding on just a little longer and fully resist the support being sent to us for these transformative changes via the Cosmos in the form of the New Moon in Gemini. Here in the physical realm we do possess free will so, we are constantly making choices that contribute to something called the Butterfly Effect, which is basically a reverberation of our actions on the rest of the world. While you may be temporarily and momentarily successful in prolonging these shifts, they will eventually take place because lets face it, as powerful as you are you are no match for The Universe in it’s rarest form. Even though it may not feel good at first and all the fear may be surfacing at once, right now is the divinely aligned time to completely surrender to these changes because you not only have the support of the Cosmos but, you have the support of everyone around you simultaneously experiencing these new timelines and versions of themself. This is such a powerful aspect of Gemini, the ability to bring people together like no other sign of the zodiac. Take it from me, I was friends with just about every group there was in high school and I constantly, and usually unsuccessfully, tried to bring them all together. This failed primarily because of the fact that people, especially teenagers, do not like change. Despite the failed attempts of the past, I still enjoy blending friend groups and uniting like souls to this day because of the infinite potentiality that simply exists for everything in this life.

Change is absolutely terrifying and there really is no other way to phrase that: period. Especially since we are all Divine Beings currently experiencing this life in human form and, just for shits and giggles in the form of one final reiteration, humans DO NOT LIKE CHANGE. The brain and Ego will literally fight change as much as they can, kicking and screaming the entire way home. In times of angst or in a moment of fear, remind yourself that your eternal home exists within. It is not connected to any inherent version of yourself but, is the ultimate version of you in the form of an eternal Divine Soul that lights up the eyes of the human until this current showing of life comes to an final end. This New Moon in Gemini wants all of us to bask in the magical rays of abundance as we step into these new versions of ourselves. Like a fellow favorite witch of mine one said, “magic really is very simple. All you have to do is want something, and let yourself have it!” 

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