Goose Medicine

In Animal Medicine, the Goose represents a very distinctive call of the quest of travels to legendary places in life, hence one of the reasons their sound resembling a honk is so recognizably unique. This call of the geese is never mistaken with any other animal, one of the more intertwined meanings connected to this divinely magical creature. Goose Medicine is alluding to the Full Moon in Sagittarius we are approaching on May 16th, but also the Winter Solstice which represents a divine six month cycle we are now entering. When life as we know it now will be completely different, aligning with everything we are looking to create through the work we are presently doing. The goose is reflecting on a stimulation of the childhood thrill and belief in stories; stories we attached ourselves to and have essentially become a part of the stories we now tell in adulthood. What are the current stories you tell yourself? This is a huge message being carried by the goose as this medicine asks us to revisit the time when these stories first began. Setting us up for the divine opportunity to lay these past cycles to rest and begin new ones that are more aligned with who we are and where we are going in this life. 

Goose Medicine aids in communication, especially through the stories we tell to both ourselves as well as others. This is a great time for writers to clear any mental blocks or reconnect with that artistic part of yourself; I know the goose most certainly has awakened this for me. For writers, working with the goose totem allows you to acknowledge the blocks that may have been standing in your way and how to work through them. This allows us to make the much needed space for new writing creations. Another option for those who feel called to Goose Medicine is to write with a goose feather quill pen or incorporate goose feathers into your lives somehow. Geese are also divine symbols of fertility.  So, if you’re thinking of adding to or creating a family, the goose is showing up for all the baby making support. This divine being is also helping many of us break free of deeply rooted childhood restraints and stories that have held us back from our true Spirit and created very tamed and watered down versions of ourselves. Goose Medicine shows up to aid us in the travel to new and distant places both in the physical body as well as deep within the mind. 

Interestingly enough, the goose may reflect a need for you to incorporate more veggies into your diet or you may even feel a call to go vegan or vegetarian for a while. Geese are very similar to humans in the sense that like many of us, they mate for life. They believe in finding that one special soulmate in romance, just like many of our nursery stories also depicted. If you are currently in a relationship, this may reveal to you and your partner new levels of remembering and embracing each other as the soulmates you are for each other in this life. For others, this will bring certain relationships to an end while, others may finally connect with the soulmate they’ve been searching for in this life. The goose is also connected to the number eight which in Numerology, represents infinity and the spiritual realm. This may also reflect the call to a spiritual quest whether that may be the first call for some or a new call for others already on this path. There is also a great significance in the direction and migration patterns created by these magnificent flying creatures. They never fly below or above each other, they create an uppercase “V” shape. This represents an opening to new possibilities that the Goose Medicine is stepping forward with in the form of these quests both occurring in our internal as well as external worlds. As each individual embarks on their quest, it makes it easier for others to follow suite and create new changes and paths for themselves as well as all of humanity. 

The goose steps forward into our lives with great vision, both physically as well as spiritually. If you are someone who wears glasses, you may find your vision improving through the help of the goose. Or you may finally find aid in glasses for the first time, or on the other side many of us may be stepping into new levels of spiritual vision. As we continue to walk the path of this Grand Awakening, many of us are unlocking new levels of consciousness and shifting gears in the form of frequency upgrades. As we honor and hold gratitude for this divine Animal Medicine, we can thank the goose for all of its magical guidance and healing during this intensely pivotal point in our lives as a collective. 

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