Welcome to Taurus Season 2022

Welcome to Taurus Season my Cosmic comrades and what a beautiful time to be alive it is as we enter the first Earth sign of the Astrological year. Not only is Taurus the first Earth sign, it is also the first feminine sign of the Zodiac. Meaning that aside from the collective guidance towards healing the Divine Feminine that has been surfacing for the past few years, this is the first divine invitation to truly embody what feminine looks like for you this year. 

Putting gender roles completely aside, when it comes to energetics we all possess both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us no matter our biological sex or gender preferences. Meaning that these forces exist within us and when harnessed properly, represent the epitome of our true authentic Self and nature. Part of this Taurus Season is not only asking but, urging us to become so intimately involved with our Divine Feminine whether you are a man, woman, one eyed purple people eater, etc. This may look so different for all of us but, on a collective level there is one word that is coming through very strong: softness.

Softness can mean taking a nap during the day, or encouraging yourself when none else does, or having that slice of pie because you’ve been telling yourself that it’s “bad for you” or you don’t deserve it. Especially for those of us who have a hard time slowing down or catering to ourselves in a nurturing way, you especially may experience the force of Taurus Season’s hand. This is a great time to really hone in on the catered definition of this word for yourself as well as how it’s showing up in your life at the moment. Pampering is a great way to embody the feminine for yourself by not only prioritizing yourself and your needs but, approaching this self prioritization from a shifted perspective with the potential of new and deeper self clarity. Earth signs behold the magic of grounding connection; an opportunity to reconnect to where we came from and bring ourselves back down from all the fiery blaze that was Aries Season. 

Another huge collective message showing up through this year’s Taurus Season is the urge to focus our minds and energy on what it is that we are looking to call into our lives right now. Many of us are still in the process of clearing out old energy, stories, relationships, people, etc. especially since last week’s Libra Full Moon energy is still distantly strong. So, now that Taurus Season has come charging in with all of this in your face bull Earth energy, what steps can you take towards whatever it is that you are looking to create? Even for those who have been creating, how can you redirect your energy to truly ignite the flames of your dreams and bring them forward into your reality? At times these things may seem out of reach but, what we fail to realize is that we are the divine creators of our own reality. What can you do today to guarantee the tomorrow of your dreams? 

Finally, Taurus Season is asking us to completely release the energy of the past as we embrace the now and all the new frequencies many of us are vibrating at from all the collective ascension that’s been going on since December 2021. This is the time to fully part ways with the past and focus all of our energy on the now. So many of us are feeling this need to shed for months now, even years. Since October of 2021, we have been revisiting old wounds so that they can be deeply healed and released once and for all. Taurus Season is the divine invitation we’ve all been waiting for to say our goodbyes to the old and step completely into the power of the new. There is a huge collective theme of patience showing up through the magic of the Taurus bull, reminding us of the old Tortoise and the Hare message of slow and steady wins the race. Also a reminder that life is not a race and everything truly does unfold in divine timing. Keep your heads high, your focus strong, and your energy in line with everything that you are envisioning for yourself. This is the time to birth something beautiful for yourself so, what is it that you are looking to create through this Earthy Taurus Season?

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