Full Moon in Libra 2022

The Full Moon in Libra is coming in strong with some serious messages surrounding the heart. This month there is a massive opportunity for healing centered around this loving space and it’s all stemming from self. Considering the fact that everything we experience on the outside is a reflection of the world within, this full moon is begging us to care for ourselves in a way we never have before. Since this year of 2022 in numerology breaks down to a 6, 2 + 0 + 2 + 2, that means that the collective energy of this year is centered around finding peace and harmony in relationships. Many of us will connect with our soulmates and the rest will find the true harmony and connection in our current relationships like never before. It’s funny though because when we think of relationships we automatically think of others. This month’s Full Moon in Libra is reminding us that the number one relationship to find harmony with and heal is the relationship with ourselves. In order to welcome in another or even find space for ourselves, we must first release those people and occurrences from the past that are currently holding space in our hearts. Releasing what no longer resonates or serves us at these new levels will allow the space to welcome in all the new love. This right here is the epitome of finding balance in love and balance is what Libra is all about.

As much emphasis as this full moon places around mending our hearts, there is also a huge ignition of third eye activation and psychic/intuitive abilities. For those who are already tapped into these gifts and abilities, you may be experiencing an extra heightened sensitivity and awareness. For others who may have been questioning this or unaware of any form of connection to possessing psychic/intuitive gifts, you may have already felt the initiation begin as you step into new levels of yourself. For months now we’ve been experiencing some pretty intense collective frequency upgrades of ascension and I’m here to tell you that this is not going to slow down. At times the intensity may balance a little more than others however, this is all for the greater good of humanity. This Grand Awakening has been occurring for a lot longer than many of us may be aware of but, since 2020 the rapid growth has accelerated to a whole different speed. 

There are two strong animal totems showing up for the collective in the form of divine medicine through this Libra Full Moon. First, we have the lizard which ultimately symbolizes the subtlety of perception as well as the activation of psychic/intuitive abilities. These reptilian beings are divine reminders of the power of our own intuition and a nudge to trust this above all. Detachment is a major lesson of the lizard especially when it comes to identifying who and what we may be attached to in our lives. Freeing ourselves from these attachments will empower us to create and move more fluidly in everything we do. The lizard is helping us break free from the past which is in itself is another form of attachment. Finally, the lizard helps us to understand and use the power of our dream state more effectively. Many of us may already be experiencing a heightened awareness and intensity around dreams since the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces this past Tuesday, April 12th, 2022. The second animal totem showing up for the collective through this Full Moon in Libra is the alligator. Alligators are symbols of primal energies of birth, femininity, and initiation. The alligator totem is asking us to connect to our primal instincts so that we can harness the focus we need in order to birth something new in our lives. Many may even find out they are pregnant or feel called to this specific type of human life creation in the near future. This specific animal medicine is an opportunity to access and open new knowledge and wisdom in an area of our lives that needs this insight the most. The alligator is also a divine symbol of clairvoyance, very similar to the lizard so, this is the powerful combination that is fueling a heightened awareness and activation around psychic/intuitive abilities and gifts. 

This Full Moon showing up in the air sign of Libra is also bringing a divine message of balance for the collective. As much emphasis as this year is placing on self, there is still an external world filled with others who also need the magic that we all possess within. The point is not to go inward and stay inward, but to remind ourselves that everything starts and stems from within and use that as a point of reference for others. To fill our cups and give to ourselves first so that we may truly know and understand what and how to do this for those around us. Libra fills the air with notes of simplicity and wants us to release anyone or anything that may be standing in the way or interfering with who we are now at these new frequencies and what it is that we are looking to achieve in our lives. There is a new type of focus and conservation about our ambitions as Aries season is soon to end with earthy Taurus season on the horizon. Many of us may be feeling the weight of these ambitions a little strong but, luckily all planets remain direct until the second week of May so, we have all the forward moving action on our side to do the damn thing. Just remember, balance is an essential key to life. While action may birth results on a visible level, when balanced with rest and stillness these two can be the fuel that we need to align with all that we are looking to cultivate in your lives.

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