What is a Saturn Return?

So, we’ve all heard of the terrible twos, right? 

But, what about the tumultuous twenties? 

There is this modern day stigma surrounding people in their twenties and it primarily speaks to the vast external observance of disorderly conduct played out during this period of time. Granted, making generalizations leaves one in the middle of a very wide open space however, when you examine these occurrences across the board all in different shapes and forms, it is hard to deny even at a broad glance. Aside from all of the basic blemishes surrounding those amidst their twenties, what can we say further about this time? 

Well, in the Astrological World, it takes the planet Saturn approximately twenty nine and a half years to return to the exact point at which it reigned on the day and precise second that each person entered their physical form in this life. Saturn is the planet that represents our major life lessons, where we may feel inadequate, as well as our overall life ambitions. Which may resemble the likes of the North Node but, instead of reflecting our life’s purpose, Saturn shows us the work needed in order to align with our calling. There’s so much to be said about the magic of the North Node however, I’ll save all that for a separate post.

Saturn is the proverbial father of the Cosmos, a patriarchal figure with the sternest of hands whose purpose is to make us learn all the lessons this life has dealt us. Notice my choice of words there because typically a teacher does not “make you learn,” but also notice that I did not call Saturn a teacher. 

Relating this cosmic phenomena back to modern times, your Saturn Return denotes the more commonly known “quarter and mid life crisis” phases. You see, for many, this astrological phase may begin in your life much earlier than your 29th or 30th birthday. Many begin to experience the on set of these circumstances as early as twenty five and once we are out of the technical phase, then we’re left often times feeling disheveled with the load of integrating everything we’ve just experienced which can then bleed over until around the age of thirty five. The time it takes for Saturn to return to the exact point on the day of your birth represents the culmination and therefore, completion of a cycle.

Now, the completion of the cycle in this case, is not necessarily where our concern lies. We are more so interested in when the acceleration of this cycle starts propelling its ugly winds and what tools are needed in order to navigate this particular cosmic storm and set us up for success in the integration phase. 

For most, we just chalk this up to “being in our twenties,” instead of leaning into all the heavily saturated lessons packaged specifically for us during this transformational time. It really is no fault of those who swim in the lack of understanding for this unavoidable Cosmic phase as well as the capacity for growth and development during this time. Considering the fact that most people in their twenties are struggling to take a decent deep breath along with the natural weight of other basic human needs, how could one even fathom diving deep into all the karmic lessons and grand life affiliations connected to their being.

 Add that to the list of trying to make rent working a shitty job and figuring out if the relationship you are currently in is really worth all the headache and you’ve got the recipe for a classic twenty first century nervous breakdown waiting to happen. Plus, that’s just what you’re currently viewing in your present reality, but what if I told you that most of what we see now is a mere reflection of everything we experienced in our childhoods. As we shift away from “what we’ve always known and done,” and embark on a new era, the times are changing and humans are starting to truly embrace this Grand Awakening we are all amidst. In layman’s terms, your Saturn Return is your time to “grow up,” but not in the way that the world views you. This is entirely a INNER-JOURNEY that possesses the power to create and ultimately transform you and your world from the inside out. Once you begin to understand astrology and other human developmental aspects, in the most humbling way, you truly realize that everything really is about YOU! Everything is always simultaneously about you and not about you and that is an infinite collective life theme. For those who harness the awareness of this time, they are given an opportunity to grow and shed the weight of all the life lessons and karma that has been following them around since birth.

However, those who resist the lessons and ignore all the signs from the Universe, will spend the next Saturn cycle of approximately 30 years revisiting these karmic adventures. That is where the term “mid life crisis” stems from because those who fail to do the INNER-WORK during their first Saturn Return, are destined to repeat all of the goodness that was already hand packaged and attempted to delivery the first time around. That just goes to show that we can run and hide all we want, but we cannot escape destiny, especially the INNER-WORKINGS of the Universe. 

Now that you’ve harnessed the awareness for what may be occurring for YOU during this time, what’s next? Typically, the Universe will send you “drill sergeants” in the form of guides whom are there to help you navigate through the sticky situations and sometimes hidden messages embedded into your Saturn Return.  This is not a “one size fits all” kind of gig either. Buddha said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Meaning that when the time is right, we will be guided towards those who are divinely crafted for our individual needs. Just know that while the value and effectiveness of external guides is absolutely undeniable, those who are meant for you will reflect all that already exists inside of you. We just never want to listen to ourselves, thus your Saturn Return is a divine opportunity to reconnect with your INNER-GURU. If you are reading this entry and connecting with all of the Saturn Return revelations, this just may be the sign you need to further explore exactly what it is that you are presently sitting with in your life as well as who may or may not resonate with these recurring cycles. When one approaches life with the intention that, “everything happens for a reason,” then the understanding follows that there are no coincidences. The belief in a higher power, especially the higher power that exists within you, is all the proof you need to trust in yourself and the divine guidance emanating from your core. Energy also NEVER lies so, if you can quiet your mind and take a deeper step inside of yourself, you will always feel exactly what it is that you need in every moment of life. 

If you are a divine feminine goddess between the ages of 25-35, you may just be ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s scary to try new things especially when they have to do with ourselves and our stories. Imagine how scary it is to be in the exact same place you’re in at this very moment a year from now.

It is my life’s mission to empower women to thrive in their lives through gaining consistent balance by connecting to their INNER-HEALER. 

Fill out our “Energy Consult” form on the Intuition Development page and together we will explore the possibility of creating a connection that sets you up for success during this current season of your life.

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