All You Need To Know About Eclipse Season

So, many of us may be hearing all this hype about Eclipse Season approaching. While some may be hearing, the mass majority of us are definitely feeling all of the intense energetic shifts that are associated with this extremely transformative and catalytic time in our lives. However, none of that means anything to us unless we fully understand not only what is going on but, also how these happenings will effect us as a collective.

Not to get too scientific but, an eclipse occurs when three celestial objects become aligned. From the perspective here on Earth, the Sun is eclipsed when the Moon comes between it and Earth, and the Moon is eclipsed when it moves into the shadow of Earth cast by the Sun. Hence the reason we have both Lunar as well as Solar eclipses. To dive even deeper into this term, eclipse also means to make someone or something seem less successful or important, by becoming more successful or important than they are. Now this may seem a little devilish on the surface but, hear me out. Since Eclipse Season in general is a time for huge transformation, it makes complete sense to say that as you eclipse, you essentially become more successful and important than any and all past versions of yourself. Therefore, to eclipse is to honor the self death occurring through this beautiful metamorphosis of life; remember the analogy of the butterfly from yesterdays post about shadow phases.

For the past couple of months, more like couple of years, many of us have been shifting and transforming at a lightning speed rate. This transformative energy is absolutely amplified during eclipse season when the combination of Sun, Moon, and planetary alignments join forces and take us all along on quite the bumpy ride. Now although the ride may be bumpy, eclipse season holds the powerful to catapult you and anyone into the next phase of your life. All the manifesting, shadow work, and aligning you’ve been doing as part of your INNER-WORK has brought you to these next few weeks when you may not recognize who you are in the now so, pay close attention.

Eclipse season literally possess the power to turn our worlds completely upside down. Which again, sounds bad but, remember everything in life is about perspective. So, this may actually be the tornado that you’ve been waiting for to shake up your world and bring you into a space that feels more authentically aligned with who you are in the now. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is considered the God of Destruction which on the surface sounds kind of scary if you ask me. However, think about the forces that are needed to deconstruct everything you’ve created as you up until this point in life. I don’t know about you, but it is going to take some pretty divine and powerful forces to tear down this old version and even versions of myself that no longer resonate with who I am and where I’m going in this life. Destruction is not always a bad thing and if you hold the perspective that everything is always happening for your highest good, then you fully believe that just like the phoenix who rises from its ashes, a greater version of you will emerge from all the self debris.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what should I do?” Well here’s the thing, you SHOULD do whatever you feel most authentically called to which will absolutely be different for everyone. However, you may not like that answer so, here a few helpful tools for navigating through any eclipse season; stay tuned for a new post on the New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus for specifics. First things first, stay as grounded as possible! My light workers, healers, witches and warlocks I am especially talking to you. Which sounds funny because more than likely anyone who resonates with those titles probably has many daily practices and rituals that involve grounding. However, since we are highly sensitive beings, it is going to take all of them to keep us even slightly sane during this time. Sage, earthing, reiki, meditation, free movement, yoga, journaling, all the things! It is also a good time to rest and cancel any and all plans to allow yourself the space and time you need in order to assimilate to these new frequencies as well as this new overall version of yourself. Second, take longer deep breaths; I am dead serious with this one. Eclipse Season often times has us all on the edge of our seats, flying off the handle at the drop of a hat. The deeper your breaths, the longer it takes you to react to whatever life is throwing at you and the more likely you are to remind yourself of who you are instead of engaging with the typical chaotic energy that eclipses bring. 

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