Animal Medicine

While many may experience certain emotional states of fear when it comes to nondomestic animals, it is my highly valued opinion that all animals are angels here on Earth. Now, when it comes to Animal Medicine, one may find themselves questioning just what exactly is meant by this phrase. The thought of ingesting the actual animal or some type of elixir from the animal may be what comes to mind, but I’m here to share a totally different perspective. So, if you’re someone like myself who’s spent most of their life in the Sunshine State of Florida, then experiencing wildlife even amidst built up suburban areas is just part of the living situation here. From alligators, to snakes, to a vast variety of lizards and iguanas, Florida is home to so many fascinating creatures and we just so happen to be the tenants renting their space. Animal Medicine is the beauty, through their divine perspective, that each individual animal here on Earth has come to share with us in the form of spiritual guidance and magic. It is a combination of their involvement and appearance in our lives along with whatever it is that they are stepping forward to share with us along this journey we call life.

Now, going back to all this talk about the wildlife experiences here in Florida growing up, you may be wondering how exactly this Animal Medicine stuff works if you can see a lizard perching itself in just about every tree branch near by and even find alligators casually crossing some streets. It is not simply just the appearance of these animals in plain sight, but how this animal is stepping forward to speak its magic into our lives. Which may have you saying, “Ok GiGi, you’ve really lost it this time, now you’re SPEAKING to these animals.” As I continued developing myself as a reiki practitioner, I noticed that my innate love for animals began developing in ways that were far beyond my human understanding. These animals were showing up during very pivotal points in my life and I swear to you I was having conversations with them. It was then that I mentioned this to my Reiki Master Robin, who suggested the book Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. Once I laid eyes on this book, I knew that it contained everything that this human needed in order to remind herself of all the great and powerful Animal Medicine and magic that exists here in the physical realm.

Aside from the learnings denoted in the aforementioned text, every INNER-VOICE blog post pertaining to Animal Medicine is a combination of the magic held within the pages of this book alongside all of the intuitive insight that flows through from these gracious animal angels. I am most certainly a fond believer in the concept that everything happens for a divine reason. With that being said, the geese that have been hanging out in my backyard for the past two weeks or so, that I’ve never seen before in my life out there, are not just chilling because they’ve become displaced from their home environment. One, all of this land we live on is their home environment and two, these geese showed up in order to share many divine messages with me as well as the collective through the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus; stay tuned for a preceding post entirely dedicated to Goose Medicine along with the other animals showing up for us during this time.

Life truly is all about what you make of it. So, the next time you see an iguana lounging outside of your house in a tree, or your cat starts to do something outside of it’s typical behavior, it could just be that he’s taking his afternoon nap or that your cat has something else going on. Or, this iguana could very well be showing up to share some of its beautiful magic and messages with you, and your cat can also posses the ability to share, if you are open to receiving and listening to all of this Animal Medicine goodness. If you have felt a similar special connection to animals as myself or are interested in exploring what it looks like to become a reiki practitioner, head on over to the “Reiki Training” page located here on my site and fill out the “Reiki Training Application” form. Or simply share a comment below or private message sent through the “Contact” tab where we may open up a conversation to further explore the magic held both within as well as around you through the divinity that is Animal Medicine.

To me, there is a reason that many animals, especially the more domesticated ones such as dogs and cats, live much shorter lives than us humans. They are not here to learn the divine lessons of this life, such as ourselves, but to help guide us along our paths and remind us of who we truly are along the way. So, next time you see an animal cross your path, pay close attention to what’s going on within you and what divine magic and messages this creature may be stepping forward to share with you in the form of Animal Medicine. 

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