Duck Medicine

So, in an effort not to forward with too much cliché verbiage, have you been in your feels lately? When I say lately, I mean the past like almost twenty years?! Yeah, I am over Mama Moon with joy that the duck is showing up for the collective in the form of Animal Medicine right now through this New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Ducks are the most unconventional but, actually quite divine symbols for emotional comfort and protection. These water dwellers are typically connected to the energy of the magical seasons of both Spring and Summer. Ducks are the most common waterfowl and because of their innate connection to the water, they are also linked to feminine energies, the astral plane, as well as the emotional state of humans as a whole. These quackers are seriously coming in hot with all of this divine Animal Medicine magic, showing up at the perfect time to support us all in the pinnacle of these emotionally deep and draining cycles of the past.

As one of the purest elements of Mama Gaia, water is absolutely necessary for the survival of all life on Earth; nothing can live without water. Ducks remind us to drink of the waters of life as well as to nurture our own emotional natures. How divine of a being to understand all that we’ve been experiencing not only as a collective for the past two decades, but to also swoop in and get down on a much more personal level with each and every one of us. Ducks have a natural ability of knowing when we need to be supported on an emotional level and this is one of the most powerful reasons for their sudden arrival considering many of us have reached a point of emotional exhaustion. These angels are here to provide us with the support, comfort, and protection needed in aiding the navigation of our intense and heavy emotions. Something we recently discussed in my post about Eclipse Season and how intensity isn’t inherently bad just different and at times uncomfortable at first. Duck aids us entirely in the emotional aspects of Eclipse Season especially this Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Taurus may be spearheading this earthy season however, the duck is steering the boat of the rapid waters of our INNER-BEINGS.

As ducks feed from the water they swim, they remind us that we too can find sustenance in our own emotions. To feed ourselves of what is by experiencing the wave and riding it by maintaining impeccable balance. Which reminds us that if our internal balance is off, then our external environments may be out of whack as well. For those with duck as a totem, it may reflect an inability to feel comfortable with most people in your life. Many of you may be noticing or already experiencing a “cleaning of house,” if you will, of the people in our lives. As we make space by releasing those who no longer serve our higher purpose, we make space for those inline with who we are and where we are going at this point in our lives. Everyone is walking their own divine path, graciously many of our paths cross but, nothing is permanent; paths constantly switching direction through flow. This may also reflect a need to find comfort in our own element and with those of like mind and spirit. Ducks can also remind us that we are going to have an opportunity to shift those who we interact with on a daily basis.

Many of us may also be experiencing a lot of present events reflecting on past life experiences via past life regression. This is another magical component being aided by the Duck Medicine. The duck shows up in a variety of cultures. The Egyptians were the first to domesticate them and the Chinese pioneered the art of duck raising. On that note, I have fully decided that I want a few pet ducks in the near future. I’ve always adored ducks and deeply connected with the duck totem; promising myself since childhood I would one day have a white and a mallard duck. In Ted Andrews book Animal Speak, he references an Adopt-A-Duck program because ducks possess a great ability to show affection. So, basically what I heard when I read this is that my desire to have a duck as a pet since childhood is just as natural of a feeling as wanting a puppy. Which, if we think about it, comes from this societal construction of what animals “should be domesticated,” but that’s a story for another time. Ducks are very community oriented, similar to tribal humans so, it makes sense that not only would they want to dwell with us but, that they would also represent a divine symbol for emotions which are the ultimate connection to humanness. Just like us, ducks will always return to who, what, and where they feel safe and comfortable.

This New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus is asking us to acknowledge, embrace, and grow the strong foundation of safety, security, and comfort within. It is also guiding us toward and through these new frequencies so, it makes sense for us to initially feel uncomfortable and all out of sorts. What we eventually begin to realize is how innately connected we are to our emotions when we first remind ourselves of the infinite safety and security that can be felt from within. Even the young who aren’t experienced at anything yet, take to the waters so easily because despite lacking experiences or the ache of discomfort, they know deep down within they belong and how to naturally flow with the waters of life. This is also our natural state as humans, to flow with what life presents us with and honor the balance we need for each and every moment. We have learned to turn off these sides of ourselves through social construction that is directly targeted so, that’s one of the divine reasons the duck is showing up to guide us. Interestingly enough, the male ducks eclipse for the Summer which does not allow them to fly. They must wear drab plumage from the female for extra protection in order to survive during this phase of their life. Funny how the men need to be flightless for a duration of their year, something so natural to ducks, in order to allow them extra space and time to process. Just like human men who also need extra space and time because of the social constraints that hold many of them back from full embracing and expressing their emotions.

Ducks can help us to handle our own emotions with greater grace and comfort. It can aid us in finding that comfort amidst sitting in the discomfort of our feels. They divinely serve as the teachers with the ability to show us how to navigate the various waters of life. Many psychologists, therapists, guides, and anyone with a job connected to supporting humanity could do no better than to have a duck as their totem. These divine beings will eternally assist them in helping others with moving through their emotional tangles in the webs of life. For some of you, we may meet up soon in the astral plane considering the duck is aiding in a ton of astral travel as well as healing right now. On top of all the divine feminine healing going on in everyone lately and the gratitude for this divine Duck Medicine is flowing abundantly throughout the INNER-WORKINGS of the universal INNER-NET. 

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